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Power Within Testimonials 


Margie has wholeheartedly dedicated her life to help people achieve

their true potential, demonstrating it through her gift of healing.

For many years, I have had difficulty sleeping; having been to many

doctors and sleep clinics, only having to be put on medicine and was

left with only side effects. After meeting with Margie, through

sessions and workshops, I don't experience any sleep problems and my

quality of life has changed dramatically. If you want to experience

your true potential, living everyday to the fullest, I'd suggest

meeting Margie.

Ann K. - St. Louis, MO


Margie, you wanted me to let you know how I am handling my former

addiction to sweets. Tonight I had a piece of cheese cake (it came

with dinner). It was all right. I didn't crave another piece. When I

got home, I was still feeling fine with no cravings. I feel I can

take or leave sweets. I only seem to want to eat healthy foods and

not overeat. thank you so much for helping me to overcome this

lifelong problem. Some other things are happening to me also. I am

no longer in a big hurry, especially when I am driving, and

I haven't turned on the TV once since the treatment.

Joan C. - St. Louis, MO


I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I am

benefiting from the group and private Enlightenment Energy

Transfer sessions. I came seeking peace, enlightenment and

clarity in my life. I have gained all that and more. I am more

peaceful, feel a much stronger personal connection with God, have

improved relationships with people, growing prosperity, and really

so many benefits its hard to list them all. I would highly recommend

people experience both the group and individual sessions. You

are a blessing in my life.

Helen J - St. Louis, MO


By the second private session, I was beginning to notice a change in how I

 reacted to things that irritated me, I was angry less, and it passed more

 quickly when I was.  Being a resistant person, I still wasn't convinced.  By the

 third session, it was quite noticeable, and after the fourth, it was obvious.  My

 business partner and coworkers noticed the change in me.  This session was

 just a few days ago, and I am still filled with more happiness than I've felt in

 years.  Since everything else in my life is the same, it is clearly Margie's work

 with me that is creating this change.

Margie is helping me change my life, and if you let her, she will help you

 change yours as well!

Andy Ritter - St. Louis, MO



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