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Enlightenment Energy Transfer Workshops

(Mukti Diksha)

Date: May 24, 7-10 p.m.                 CANCELLED

Venue: Center for Spiritual Living

...............12875 Fee Fee Rd.

Cost: $15 - Distant $10 - Children $5

Facilitator: Margie Bander

Questions: 636-926-8386


Humanity is poised for an evolutionary quantum leap into a whole new way of life, the natural state of enlightenment. This unique workshop is for anyone who seeks to be reunited with the divine within and awaken to a state of oneness with the universe. Due to changes in the earth’s energy, humans more than ever have the opportunity to enter into a state of permanent enlightenment, causeless love, and limitless joy. In this workshop energies will be directly transferred into the body awakening the higher sacred self and pushing the person into expanded states of consciousness. During the workshop several energy transfers will be given. This will begin an internal transformation changing your perception of the world, resulting in every experience being a source of Limitless Joy.

Margie has been attuned to this energy by two guru's in India, Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma. Their life's purpose is to raise the consciousness of humanity.

The workshop will include:

  • Special meditations to prepare you for the Enlightenment Energy Transfers.
  • Several enlightenment energy transfers for:
  • Initiating the seed for Permanent Enlightenment
  • Awakening the Higher Self / Deepening your Connection with the Higher Self
  • Perfecting Relationships
  • Elimination of Present Life and Past Life Traumas
  • Experiencing a State of Inner Silence and Peace
  • Discovering Bliss

 Please bring a blanket and water.


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