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Margie Bander

Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Reiki
 Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The Power Within Development Center, a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Company, located in St. Louis, transfers powerful enlightenment energies that unlock the mind & allow the body's powers to be tapped.

Power Within Development Center will help many aspects of your life. Here are a few...

" By facilitating physical, mental, and spiritual harmony in your life; Power Within Development Center will help you improve your financial future, improve your career or business, improve your personal & work relationships, & improve your health

" Power Within Development Center will transfer powerful energies enabling you to take charge of your own health. Reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy and productivity, and self-heal.

" Power Within Development Center provides effortless, positive change for the mind.

" Power Within Development Center goes right to the source of the problem and corrects the self-destructive beliefs that need to be changed. Power Within Development Center helps to reprogram the brain from the inside out!

" Most self-help programs focus on changing the conscious mind, only to meet resistance in the critical filter, never reaching the source, the subconscious mind. Power Within Development Center goes right to the source, removing the critical blocks, thus providing long-term results, whereas most other programs can only offer short-term results.

" Power Within Development Center will help you realize your true inner spirituality by finding the truth within yourself.

Margie Bander is a Certified Master Reiki Healer and Healing Touch Practitioner. Margie has over 17 years of experience in the Health Care Industry as a registered nurse and has been in the Holistic Medicine industry since 1998. Margie is a Master Healer & is trained in various meditation & healing theories and techniques. She has spent the past 3 years studying Chinese Energetic Medicine under Kam Yuen & has been studying Powerful Enlightenment Energy Transfers (Mukti Diksha's) under Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma in India.



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